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black midi
Rough Trade
Catalogue Number
Release Date
15 julio 2022

black midi’s new album Hellfire is an absolute bundle of agitated and twisted songs. Hellfire builds on the melodic and harmonic elements of Cavalcade, while expanding the brutality and intensity of their debut, Schlagenheim. It is their most thematically cohesive and intentional album yet. It is instantly black midi but adds more elements of Zappa and showtunes.

Whereas the stories of Cavalcade were told in third person, Hellfire is presented in first-person and tells the tales of morally suspect characters. There are direct dramatic monologues, flamboyantly appealing to our degraded sense of right and wrong. You’re never quite sure whether to laugh at or be horrified.

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Hellfire 1:24 Comprar


  2. 2 Sugar/Tzu 3:50 Comprar


  3. 3 Eat Men Eat 3:08 Comprar

    Eat Men Eat

  4. 4 Welcome To Hell 4:09 Comprar

    Welcome To Hell

  5. 5 Still 5:46 Comprar


  6. 6 Half Time 0:26 Comprar

    Half Time

  7. 7 The Race Is About To Begin 7:15 Comprar

    The Race Is About To Begin

  8. 8 Dangerous Liaisons 4:14 Comprar

    Dangerous Liaisons

  9. 9 The Defence 2:59 Comprar

    The Defence

  10. 10 27 Questions 5:43 Comprar

    27 Questions

black midi

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