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Up the Bracket (2022 Remaster)
Display Artist
The Libertines
Rough Trade
Catalogue Number
Release Date
21 outubro 2022
  • Vinyl Box Set + Signed Print:

    • Up the Bracket (2022 Remaster) Vinil, Box Set Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

    • Up The Bracket - Signed Print Impressão

    • + WAV / FLAC

    Disponível: 21 outubro 2022

To celebrate the release of their astonishing debut album, Up The Bracket, The Libertines are releasing a 20th Anniversary Edition on multiple formats, through Rough Trade, on October 21st 2022.

In addition to a remaster of the original Up The Bracket album, produced by Mick Jones (The Clash), the Super Deluxe Edition also includes a remarkable 65 previously unreleased recordings including many original demos, radio sessions and live recordings all helping to chart the making of Up The Bracket, plus a live recording from the 100 club in 2002. It also contains a 60-page book with a forward by Matt Wilkinson, new interviews with the band by Anthony Thornton and many unseen photos and memorabilia.

Up The Bracket 20th Anniversary Edition is available to pre-order now on the following formats:

  • Limited edition Super Deluxe Box set: ‘Up The Bracket’ (Remastered) and ‘Live at the 100 Club’, 7” blue vinyl ‘Up The bracket’ and 7” red Vinyl ‘Time For Heroes’ (in their original sleeves), 2 CDs of Out-takes, Demos, Radio sessions and live recordings, cassette of 20 early demos and a 60 page book.

  • Deluxe Double Vinyl, ‘Up The Bracket’ (Remastered) and ‘Live at the 100 Club’

  • Deluxe Double CD, ‘Up The Bracket’ (Remastered) and ‘Live at the 100 Club’

  • Digital download, ‘Up The Bracket’ (Remastered) and ‘Live at the 100 Club’

Lista de Faixas Digitais

  1. 1 Vertigo (2022 Remaster) 2:38 Comprar

    Vertigo (2022 Remaster)

  2. 2 Death on the Stairs (2022 Remaster) 3:26 Comprar

    Death on the Stairs (2022 Remaster)

  3. 3 Horror Show (2022 Remaster) 2:36 Comprar

    Horror Show (2022 Remaster)

  4. 4 Time for Heroes (2022 Remaster) 2:39 Comprar

    Time for Heroes (2022 Remaster)

  5. 5 Boys in the Band (2022 Remaster) 3:45 Comprar

    Boys in the Band (2022 Remaster)

  6. 6 Radio America (2022 Remaster) 3:48 Comprar

    Radio America (2022 Remaster)

  7. 7 Up the Bracket (2022 Remaster) 2:40 Comprar

    Up the Bracket (2022 Remaster)

  8. 8 Tell the King (2022 Remaster) 3:27 Comprar

    Tell the King (2022 Remaster)

  9. 9 The Boy Looked at Johnny (2022 Remaster) 2:38 Comprar

    The Boy Looked at Johnny (2022 Remaster)

  10. 10 Begging (2022 Remaster) 3:27 Comprar

    Begging (2022 Remaster)

  11. 11 The Good Old Days (2022 Remaster) 3:02 Comprar

    The Good Old Days (2022 Remaster)

  12. 12 I Get Along (2022 Remaster) 2:53 Comprar

    I Get Along (2022 Remaster)

The Libertines

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